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Sinclair Travel, is a travel agency based in the prestigious Sinclair Center, in downtown Vancouver, boasting over 15 years of service to thousands of satisfied customers.

Our multi-lingual team, who have traveled the world extensively, are here to help you in English, French, German, Romanian, and Slovak.

Our services include:

  • Excellent prices and service on airline tickets to Europe and all other destinations
  • Tickets for your visitors to Canada
  • Certified invitations forms
  • Travel insurance
  • Cruises to Alaska, Caribbean and Europe
  • Tour packages all over the world

Corporate, Leisure, Honeymoon

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Do yourself a favor, by checking with us first! you could potentially, save yourself money and hassle, and enjoy your trip.

Religious pilgrimages

As tour escorts we are privileged to be part of the excitement and joy all pilgrims experience as we visit some of the most beautiful churches, cathedrals and important shrines in the world.


Pilgrimage to France, Spain and Portugal

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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