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We offer a wide range of travel packages, to exciting destinations across the globe.

A partial list of what we have to offer contains:

Winter escapes to the Caribbean

Escape the cold winters of the north, and head to the Caribbean, where the sun is a way of life.. Call to find out what we have to offer

Summer getaway to Alaska

Want to get away from the hastle and bastle of town for a while? Alaska is the last frontier, we can get you there on one of our cruise ships or by air, and arrange you a wonderful vacation on land... Call us now

Europe by bus

Lay back and enjoy the landscape of Europe from the luxury of a tour bus, accompanied by knowledgeable local guides.. Call us now

On the trails of great pilgrims

We take you to visit some of the most beautiful churches, cathedrals and important shrines in the world... Call us now


Pilgrimage to France, Spain and Portugal

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

For details call Peter:

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